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Ka-Ching Cartoons is an animation studio in the heart of Rotterdam.
The studio specializes in tv shows, short films, and commercials.
Our clients include Nintendo, BNN, and Efteling.

The 3D-Machine: The Series


The 3D-Machine: The Series is a stereoscopic 3D animated adventure show, currently available on Nintendo's 3DS. In it the professor and Igor accidentally zap an old pile of horror comic books with their 3D-Machine, bringing its monsters to life. Igor and the professor must now travel around the world to hunt down these monsters and zap them back to their comic books. The show counts 5 all new 2,5 minute episodes, created by Ka-Ching Cartoons.

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George and Paul

george and paul

George and Paul have fun is a world built of wooden blocks.

Created and directed by: Ka-Ching Cartoons
Produced and animated by: Pedri Animation
Format: 26 x 5 minutes
Technique: Stop motion

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Plunk the alien lands on earth, we see our world through his eyes.

Created by: Luc Cromheecke and Laurent Letzer.
Format: 52 x 45 seconds
Technique: Flash animation

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The Furryburbles having fun!


The Furryburbles run amok in Ti Ta Tovenaars castle in the clouds.

Client: Efteling.
Format: 26 x 2,35 minutes
Our involvement: Directors, full animation production
Technique: Flash animation

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Pim & Pom The Movie

pim en pom

Pim and Pom get kidnapped by their naughty nieces.

Client: Fiep! Amsterdam
Format: Feature film, 65 minutes
Our involvement: Storyboards
Technique: Flash animation

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