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The 3D-Machine: The Series is a stereoscopic 3D animated adventure show, currently available on Nintendo's 3DS. In it the professor and Igor accidentally zap an old pile of horror comic books with their 3D-Machine, bringing its monsters to life. Igor and the professor must now travel around the world to hunt down these monsters and zap them back to their comic books. The show counts 5 all new 2,5 minute episodes, created by Ka-Ching Cartoons.

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Episode 01

Episode 01: Attack of the Giant Lizard
In the first episode a giant lizard wreaks havoc in a Japanese metropolis. Igor and the professor must chase this menacing monster through the concrete jungle in order to zap it back to its comic book.

Episode 02

Episode 02: Brain-Eating Aliens from Outer Space
Igor has been abducted by brain-eating aliens! The professor tries to save his assistant, but this attempt leads them to an even more frightening foe. Can Igor and the professor survive this deep space adventure?

Episode 03

Episode 03: Web of Horror
Our monster-hunting duo travels deep into the jungle to find a terrifying tarantula! Unfortunately the hunter becomes the prey and the professor gets caught in a web of horror! It's up to Igor to save the day.

Episode 04

Episode 04: Mummy Mayhem
In Egypt a mummy runs amok in an ancient pyramid. Igor and the professor fly to the rescue and chase the monster down a maze of tunnels. Will they emerge victorious or forever be caught in this tomb of doom?

Episode 05

Episode 05: Tentacles of Terror
Deep down in the ocean an eight-armed evil lurks. This sounds like a job for Igor and the professor. Using their submarine they hunt down the sea monster. But its 8 tentacles of terror might just be too much for our heroes to handle.


Financed by: Nintendo, Directed by: Joost van den Bosch & Erik Verkerk, Written by: Jimmy Simons & Marc Veerkamp, Animation by: Geoffrey Armfield, Daan Faudet, Ramon Oranje & Jester Coyote animation, Backgrounds by: Jelle Gijsberts, Music and sound by: Audiocult, Voices by: Peter Calicher, Intern: Jeffrey Schreuders

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